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Speak to Interventionist Now02Staging an intervention is one of the best ways to get an addict into rehab (rehabilitation treatment programs). If you are concerned about somebody in your life, someone who is your friend, who has significantly and frighteningly changed on account of a drug or alcohol addiction, you can find a way to help. Watching an addict suffer can be agonizing, particularly if it’s someone you love. You may be asking yourself, “How can I lend a hand to my family member get healthy again?” and “What is my role in getting my friend sober?” Friends and family members care deeply for the one that is affected by addiction, but wears them right down to the bone to have to say “no” all of the time. It’s irritating to feel used by the addict, and having to watch on as people feed off of the addict with codependent behavior. You can’t be afraid of confrontation: don’t let fear stop you from taking action.

What Is an Intervention?

An intervention is a counseling approach that appeals to a drug or alcohol abuser to take part in a rehab treatment program. Interventions include the addict, along with any family members, friends, and loved ones of the addict, and is guided by an interventionist. Typically, addicts are unresponsive to pleas, unwilling to participate in rehab, or are in denial regarding their addiction. The purpose of an intervention is to make the addict understand how critical the issue is, and then convince them to get treatment at a rehabilitation facility. Intervention Service Virginia can assist friends and members of the family who want to begin an intervention for an addict. Intervention is a highly effective method, and a step in the right direction.

What Is the Difference Between Intervention and Treatment?

During an intervention, an addict’s family and friends try to persuade the addict to enter into a rehabilitation facility (rehab), in order that to obtain treatment and fight addiction. The recovery process starts in rehab. An intervention is not treatment. During treatment, the addict comes to face the facts of their addiction, and learns about the disease. Additionally they are taught the tools and methods to control their addiction and behavior, and learn methods to maintain sustained sobriety.

Who Is an Interventionist?

The perfect interventionist is able to direct and guide an intervention towards the goal of getting the addict into rehab. Intervention Service Virginia encourages members of the family and friends to utilize a certified, experienced interventionist if they intend to host an intervention. Family and friends are usually too close to the situation; they have difficulty discussing their needs because their thoughts and feelings are too intense or complicated. To prevent miscommunication, the interventionist usually asks friends and family members to write a letter or make notes to be read out loud to the addict. These letters might include pleas to seek rehab, emotional appeals, or even ultimatums regarding rehab and sobriety.

Interventionists are excellent communicators, and possess a good understanding of the disease. Typically, she or he is an addict in recovery, and can therefore offer an important perspective on the conversation. Interventionists can communicate effectively between the addict and his or her friends and family. Intervention Center Virginia strongly recommends using experienced, qualified interventionists affiliated with the Association of Intervention Specialists. To talk with someone about interventions, or for help locating an interventionist, call Intervention Service Virginia at 866-382-7393.

How and When to Act

Intervention Service Virginia possesses the knowledge and tools that will help to set up a successful intervention for a family member or loved one. It’s only natural to feel hesitant or concerned about confronting a loved one, and you might have questions about whether or not you should, or when might be the right time. Waiting too long for an intervention can impact the health of a loved one, and can lead to hospitalization or death. Intervention Service Virginia can lend a hand to family and friends who want to arrange an intervention, and they recommend initiating an intervention as soon as issues become apparent. To speak with somebody about interventions, call Virginia Intervention Facilities at 866-382-7393 now!